The Dogs Who Lost Their Home Can’t Stop Cuddling with Each Other


Often, when dogs are left alone and abandoned, this is the time when they seek for comfort most. They seem lost, but their presence gives them comfort and helping hand.

When they are take to a shelter, for the first period of time, they seem lost and do not know what is happening to them, until they may find a good partner dog .

That case happened to this two doggos, who were taken to a  shelter at the same time. They were left alone by their owner in a cold street.

When they were taken to a shelter they were so confused about a number of things, like why they were there, who the other dogs were.

But the most important things at the moment was, that they found each other and were comforting each other. They came to the shelter at the right moment and found love and comfort in each others’ hands.

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