The Dog Saved the Life of a Man who Broke His Neck


Once again, dogs are proving that they are the best friends of a man and can do only the best for our lives.

Please, our hero dog Kenny, who proved that dogs are truly and unconditionally best friends of a man. The owner of the fell on the ice and broke his neck  near the house.

As the man says, while he fell on ice, he was screaming for help but his nearest neighbour was far away at the moment and could not come to help or for calling the emergency.

Then he noticed the dog approaching him and trying his best to save him. The dog started barking heavily. After his barking, the neighbours were already near his house and called an ambulance immediately.

Even during the time being in hospital, the dog was all the time with his owner and was doing his best to do whatever it took from him to make his recovery fast.

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