The Dog in the Shelter Can’t Let the Journalist Go


All the animal shelter all over the world are full of animals, who were left and abandoned. They feel heartbroken and heartsick and all they need is warmth and a little love.

The shelter life of the dogs are often in the center of attention and some journalists and rapporteurs sometimes go and check some dogs for the purpose of getting them a good family.

This journalist went to one of the local shelters to make article about the dogs. One of the dogs were outside at the moment and he could feel the journalist approaching hm.

He made it clear to the journalist, that he wants to be adopted. He was hugging the legs of the journalist and he had a full love for this person, as it was obvious.

It was a heartbreaking and heartwarming moment for the journalist too. He could not resist the love of the dog and what happened next was that the journalist adopted and took the dog from the shelter.

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