The Dog and Baby Bunnies Now Have a New Family Member


The bonding and friendship between animals are one of the most beautiful and pure phenomenon ever. They share pure love and caring for each other like no other.

This golden retriever is a unique doggie with his strange and unusual friends’ company. Usually, he used to take care of the little bunnies, who were so friendly attache to the doggo.

Now, to his surprise, the doggo has new family member, who is quite different from the bunnies. Recently, the owners of the pets brought a new member to the family, a little parrot.

At first, the dog and even the bunnies were surprised and shocked to see this new member to family. However, after some time, these wonderful animal friendship became a wonderful adventure for all of them.

The bunnies were following the parrot and were in love seeing how amazingly the parrot was making sounds and making everyone happy and excited.

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