The Blind Dog was Rescued by Other Dogs in a Dogfight


Dogfighting is one of the most cruel and dangerous things in the world. People created this inhumane game for their pleasure, which endangers the live of the dogs and leaves them suffering.

This cute doggie is a saviour of a cruel dogfight, which led a lot of dogs in bruises and injuries. However, our hero dog could survive the fight and continued to live.

When the dogfighting was happening, a call was received at the animals rescue association and a group of rescuers rushed there.  They managed to stop the dogfight and rescue some dogs. Among them was our hero dog, who was fighting to survive this cruel event.

He was in blood and in bruises. However, the rescuers could stop the bleeding, took him to the shelter and made the relevant medications.

After a while, it was reported that the dog was now living in a very good family and that he no longer taken to dog fighting.

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