The Man Stopped the Car to Save the Cat’s Life


In today’s cruel world, there are still people, wh instead of hurting or damaging other stop to help and care after them.

The cameras recorded how a man stopped his car to save the life of a small kitten, who was trying to cross the street. The kitten was so small, that it was very hard for anyone to notice it.

This man showed such a deep level of love and compassion to the animal, all the other passengers and people were amazed and shocked by his behaviour.

Other cars would just get along the kitten and never pay attention to it, however, it was not the same with this driver. He got out of the car, came to the kitten, loved it a bit. After a while, he put the kitten aside the road and continued his road.

After the incident, the man called shelter rescuers, who arrived immediately and took the kitten to the shelter.

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