The Dog was Left Alone as the Owner Jumped from the Bridge


A dog was captured near the bridge, where he was seen for more than ten days in a raw. The Dog was very sad and disappointed, waiting for the owner to come back.

It was reported, that the owner of the dog jumped from the bridge on a Monday morning and died afterwards. The dog was so loyal to the owner, that he kept coming back to the same place with the hope of finding his owner.

The policemen and other rescuers were especially touched by the loyalty of the doggie, who kept hoping that the owner come back to him.

After some days, the dog was reported missing, as he did not appear near the bridge. However, the doggo found a way to come back and still wait.

The dogs the most loyal friends to men and the are in a very deep connection to their owner. When a bad thing happens to their owner, they would feel it and feel bad too.

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