This Dog Was Left Alone to Die, Since it was Different


This is Jackie, who was left in the park alone to die with his brother, since it was different from other doggos. A woman from nearby block noticed the doggies and rushed immediately to vet.

The doggies were abused and could not move properly. It was reported that the doggies were left to starving in the park by a family who considered them strange and different from what they would have thought about them.

Upon the arrival to the vet clinic, the brother of Jackie died afterwards, since it was so short of nutrition and could hardly stand on feet.

As the vets examined Jackie, they diagnosed a lot of diseases to the doggo, since it had suffered heavy life on the street.

After a while, the dog was moved to a shelter, where he immediately became the favorite doggo of the whole shelter and later in his lifetime, he was adopted by a good family and lived happily ever after.

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