The Abused Dog Wanting his Brother to Comfort His Broken Soul


This cute baby puppies were born in an unfair situation, in which they were sold as a fighting dog. The siblings, who instead of should have been going to homes, were facing cruel and difficult times in their lifetime.

In this case, people were deciding that they should get into fight and be abused. How cruel the lives of the dogs can sometimes be.

After hearing this story, a local rescue team heard about the story of the siblings and decided to save the doggies from cruelty. The rescuer managed to take the doggies to shelter and thus save them.

As it was reported later on, in the shelter conditions, one of the sibling doggies was too frightened and needed comfort and care, as it was obvious he had some scars and abuses on his face and body.

The two doggies were so happy in the shelter that they no more participate in an abusive fights and risk their lives.

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