Shelter Dog Wearing a Christmas Sweater for Months Finally Gets Forever Home


A doggie named Dobby was handed to a special animal service and very soon it melted the hearts of volunteers working there and made strong  bond with them.

However, over time this cute doggie was not adopted. It took two months at the animal service to navigate the adoption process of the doggo.

The shelter workers made another way of getting the dog adopted by posting his photos on social media  and here the luck smiled to the doggo.

The speciality of the doggo was that he was wearing a green christmas sweater, which made him unique and special among other doggos. And it made him stand out from the other dogs.

After a long period of time, the good luck eventually arrived for the doggo in christmas suit and led him to a beautiful and unforgettable new life with a beautiful family and it completely changed his life forever.

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