Watch the Amazing Shelter Dog Making His Bed Every Single Day


The behaviour of dogs is simply amazing and every time it amazes people by how smart and caring they appear.

This tray dog named Rushy was too anxious when he first came to a shelter and was firstly introduced to the rules and conditions of the shelter.

After some time he could feel tons of love, care, cuddles, treats by the staff of the shelter and after that he was already super comfortable with everything that was going on in the shelter.

He was famous in the shelter and was different from other dogs, that he was making his own bed. He was doing it all so neatly and beautiful, that it made the shelter staff love this creature more and more.

He was famous for his behaviour and he was considered a good example among other animals in the shelter. The shelter staff said, that the videos and photos of Rushy making his bed went viral on the internet.

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