This Sweet Bear is Finally Free After Spending More than 10 Years in a Cage


The only place for animals on this earth is wildlife. We often witness how animals are kept and used for different purposes and get exploited.

The laws and other legislative act do not ensure relevant measure for animal rights’ protection and due it many animals suffer against their will.

This sweet bear was kept in a cage underwater for more than ten years. The goal of it was tourist attraction. The bear was put in cage and it made him suffer a lot.

We can see from the face that he had gone through chaos and difficulties. However, kind animal rescuers freed him in the wild and it was the best day of his life.

When they reached the forest and the bear was put out of the cage, the animal rescuers could feel how the bear was feeling relieved and relaxed, since the bear got where he belongs: his forever home mother nature.

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