The Toddler Can’t Miss a Moment to Nourish the Puppies


It is always a matter of huge discussions whether parents should have a pet in the house, when there is also kids around. All this is because of the thought, that the animals may get aggressive and hurt the children.

But in case of Jason family, having a doggie along with having a baby child at home was the best decision so far. The toddler baby is so deeply connected to the doggo and her newly born puppies.

The family members can’t get enough of watching this pair and cuddle with each other all the time. And they really enjoy how the toddler baby is in touch with the doggo family.

Last night, the security cameras of the room fixed, how the toddler baby was taking care of the puppies. He secretly rushed into the room and lay down next to puppies and started playing with them.

It was a sweet moment and a reassurance that having a dog at along with a child is the best decision ever.

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