The Bus Driver Helps the Doggies Get Home Safely


Yesterday late night, when the bus driver already finished the work, he was driving back to his home. On his way back home, he noticed two dogs seeming like they got lost.

The driver stopped the bus and went to see the doggos. It was very freezing outside and the doggos were holding each other not to feel cold anymore.

At this scene, the bus driver reached them and took him to his bus. There was a small sign on the ears of the doggs with some information about them.

The driver realized it was QR code with the address of the doggos. So he did his best to take the doggos to their home.

When driver reached the home of the doggos, the owners of the dogs were so happy and grateful to the bus driver that he got the dogs safely back to home. What a sweet and hind human.

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