Mother Dog Does Her Best to Save and Protect the Puppies


This loving doggie mother and her six puppies were noticed in the snow together under harsh weather conditions. The mother was trying to find a safe place for the puppies to be protected from the snow.

She was noticed digging a deep hole in the snow, so there the puppies could be protected from harsh wind and snowy conditions.

Later she was noticed to wrap the puppies in her arms and hold the under her softness, so the puppies could feel protected.

Mother’s love is the most pure and most unconditional love in the whole universe. At intuitive level, mothers do whatever they can at the moment to take care and protect their children.

After being noticed, these cute family was taken to a shelter, where they were already very warm and taken good care of.

Even in the shelter, they were always together and no matter what happened, the case in the snowy conditions made them very connected and close to each other.

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