Watch The Love of the Frogs under the Rain


The kingdom of the animals is magical and sometimes you can get lost in that magical world. We are lucky enough to live in this planet and witness all the wonders of mother nature.

We have the opportunity to witness the wonder scenes in the planet through the special and rare photos.  The wildlife photographers did an amazing job spending time in mother nature to bring amazing footages.

The wildlife photographer took rare footages of colorful frogs playing under the rain. Afterwards, the couple was noticed to hug and cuddle with each other.

As the photographer says, the most amazing moment of this couple was the moment of pure love and gentle cuddles. He had never seen such a beautiful cuddle in his entire life.

The photos of the frogs’ hug was all over internet and it stole everyone’s hearts. If you like this heartwarming love story, share on your page.

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