The Lonely Elephant Finds a New Friend


This baby elephant has gone through hardships for so many times since her birth one can not count. Since birth, the elephant was exploited. Now, she is exhausted and cannot go through life alone anymore.

The elephant saw so many hardship throughout the life, one can not imagine. It was also diagnosed with a severe harsh illness, that is incurable.

However, in life magic does happen and it does leave footprints even on the hearts of the animals. This kind of magic happened to the baby elephant.

In the middle of a chaos in his life, a loyal, helping and supportive girl came into his life. After that day, the life of the elephant changed forever.

Now, the baby elephant is not alone anymore and it can count on his new friend Janny, who took care of the baby elephant.

She fed the elephant, took a good care of the elephant and made her days happy.

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