Watch the Heart Melting Homecoming of a Soldier and Reunion with the Dog


When the owners of dogs leave home even for a short period of time, for dogs that period seem a lifetime. They impatiently  wait for the owners to come back home.

In case of Jane and his dog Jake, this period was so long, that they could not count the days and years. Jane was sent to special military service without concrete period and her dog was left alone at home. 

During the absence of Jane, the dog was seen walking alone near the home, with the hope that Jane would soon arrive.

After a long period of time, however, Jane returned from military service. She had asked her mom previously to record her homecoming.

The cameras fixed the reunion of Jane and her doggie. The dog was so excited to see Jane. He threw himself into the arms of Jane.

They were both feeling happy and lost in a moment love and dedication.

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