This Dog Stopped the Traffic and Saved His Owner


We often read and hear stories about how the owners of the pets, especially dogs and cats rescue the lives of their animals and it feels super amazing.

In this case, our hero dog was the saviour of his owner’s life. The dog and his owner were out in the streets. They were out  all day long and the owner got really tired.

While crossing the road,  the owner of the dog felt dizzy and fainted. Right at the moment he was heavily hit by a car. He fell and lost his consciousness.

When the ambulance was coming the dog was seen barking at the traffic, so that the ambulance could reach sooner there. The dog was barking heavily and asking for help in everyone. Everyone could feel his anxious behaviour.

He immediately jumped into the ambulance car and did not want to leave his owner alone. It is believed that dogs strongly feel if there is something wrong with their owners.

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