The Blind Dog was Scared of a Touch until His Owner Found a Way


Adam Wells has worked as a veterinarian for more than ten years and he knows perfectly animals, their behaviour and other characteristics of their nature.

As stated by him, his life mission is to help and nurture animals, however he can. He has always been there for animals, helped and made them feel good about themselves.

Among all the animals, this 5 year old baby doggie was diagnosed with blindness and deafness and on the intuitive level, the doggie was afraid of making contacts with people.

In this regard, Adam took a full responsibility of taking care of the baby dog and did his best for the baby dog. Adam gave the doggie his love and care.

He knew exactly what the dog needed and how it loved to be treated. Adam used to give the instructions of how to sit or stand or eat a meal.

After that period, the dog got very attached to Adam and it was very difficult to ever leave him.

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