Watch The Rescue of the 7 Puppies, when their Mom Was Gone Forever


It is believed, that dogs are the only creatures on Planet Earth, who love you more, than they love themselves and that they can our lives feel like whole.

These puppies were found near the train trails by a rescue team. It is reported that their mom was fallen under train and dies saving her puppies.

They were left alone in the trails without having any idea of what was going on. They were so cute and adorable the rescue team could not stop admiring them.

They later found their mom dead lying near the railway track. The puppies felt like lost babies.

The rescue team could feel the sadness and loss in their eyes, even though they did not know about what was going on.

The rescue team member reported that the puppies will be taken to shelter and will be taken good care of, so that they did not feel alone and lost.

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