This Homeless Man Cried For Days on the Dead Body of the Dog


One of the most beautiful and inspiring connection in life is the connection between dogs and humans. That is considered a form of bond and unconditional love.

The homeless man Andrew has been living on the streets of Los Angeles for more than ten years. He lost everything, house, family, everything.

He did not want to continue his life and became a homeless. After a while, he found a good companion on the streets. A dog friend who became his best friend.

They were living together on the streets, but they were sharing the most unconditional love they ever knew. However, very soon a tragedy happened and took the life of the dog.

The dog was hit by a car and died. After it, Andre was seen mourning over the body of the dog for days.

The surrounding people were telling, that Andrew mourned everyday over the loss of the dog and even left a massage for the dog.

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