The Unwanted Dog was Left Alone and Wanted to Be Saved


The owner of this doggie was left alone, regardless the fact that the dog was blind and could not make his out whenever it wanted.

The dog was completely confused and lost. The dog was blind and was sick. She had no idea of what was going on in his surrounding. But still, the dog had no idea why he was left alone in the cruel world.

The dog was seen lying on concrete under a terrific stormy weather conditions. After a while, the dog was noticed and pulled out of there.

The dog was taken to shelter, where the shelter workers move the dog to vet clinic. In the vet clinic, the dog was properly treated and taken care of.

The dog was subjected also to necessary surgical intervention. The dog also had diabetes. However, after good treatments and medication, the dog was finally able to make his life a beautiful and safe.

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