This Dalmatian Mom Expected to Have Three Babies, Surprisingly She Had Eighteen


When your dog is pregnant, everything changes in the home, doesn’t it? It is always a mystical secret how many babied the dog will deliver.

The Dalmatian Mom was pregnant in the Jackson family and they decided to call the vet and do all the checking of the Mom. It would also follow that the baby delivery will be safe and well.

As the vet examined the pregnant dog she told the family members that the dog will have up to three babies and that she was sure about it.

However, when the day of the birth arrived everyone was shocked. The doggie mother delivered eighteen puppies. All small and covered in black dots.

This event was one of the most remarkable events in the Jackson family. Everyone in the family is doing their best to take care and look after the baby doggie.

It is just enough to sit and look how the mother is feeding the babies.

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