The Dogs Wakes Up and Realizes he is not Alone Anymore, after 10 Years


The doggie Jack has live all his life in solitude, hanging on the streets, with no food almost, but with he hope in the heart, that one day everything will change for the better.

He had a really hard life no dog deserves. One day, as he was out in the streets of Los Angeles, he was feeling so bad and exhausted because of the lack of food, he fainted and fell on the street.

Right at the moment a woman was crossing the street and noticed the dog lying on the floor.

She immediately called emergency. They took the dog to shelter and after proper care the dog could stand on his feet.

After that incident, the woman understood that she is totally in love with this dog and she took to her home.

She was very rich and provided the best life for the dog, as it deserved.

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