Watch the Open Beach for Dogs


Like people, animals too also like spending good time and enjoying their best time. For this purpose, a beach was opened in China only for the dogs.

The beach opens every summer only for dogs and their owners, who can spend memorable time together. As it is reported, this a heaven for the doggies and the enjoy their time.

There are special areas, where the dogs can play, swim, sunbath. The best thing about the beach, is that it is only for dogs and other people can not complain that there animals around.

The dogs wear jackets and other special equipments and make sure they are on the surface of the water. The beach also has rescue team just to ensure the security of the relaxing dogs.

This beach is a heaven especially for the people, who are in live with dogs. You can find different types and sizes of dogs. And all the dogs are very friendly with each other.

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