This Cat Celebrates Its 20th Birthday: Too Smart and Well Lived Cat


The Story of the Neon the cat could have had a sad ending, if there were no kind and caring people around her. The spectacular cat is of a very respectful age for cat, which is 20 years.

Recently, the cat had a very enjoyable time with owner. Due to some circumstances, the owner went to a shelter and found out that there was nobody who would take care of elderly cats.

The cat was then taken to a special foundation for the protection of animals. There were similar cats too, who were already of old age, but our cat was the oldest among them.

So they decided to make the 20t anniversary of long living cat memorable. They brought special costumes and clothes for the cat and also cake, other staff for celebrating her special birthday.

By the face of the cat, it was clear that she was quite satisfied and happy to have lived long and beautiful life.

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