The Trained Dog Found the Missing Mother and Her Child


Can remember how your the very first working day? How was it? Were you nervous? Did you fail or succeed?

Well if you had all of the above mentioned things altogether, don’t rush blaming yourself. That is quite normal. Now, imagine for a moment that a dog went for job for the first time ever.

Meet Jack, our today’s hero. He also his first working day and he succeeded for 100 percent. His mission was to find the missing woman and her child.

They went to spot with the police agent to find the missing people. He had his mission completed so soon. He immediately found the woman’s car.

He was working very fast and smart. All the policeman said that they did not have a chance to find them, but fortunately due to the smart dog they found them.

During the special mission the dog had big team of support, but it was his dedication and intelligence that he managed to find the missing people.

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