This Doggie Mom Has No Idea Why They are Left at Shelter with Babies


This beautiful and starving dog was abandoned by owner with kids during very hard times in their lives. They were thrown on the streets and left alone.

They stayed on the street for two days, until a man found them and took them to a shelter. It was a good luck though, that the dog was with the «kids».

At the shelter, a woman named Jansy was very caring about the puppies and the doggie mom and stated, that she will do everything the amazing pets.

Along with taking care of the cute doggies, Jansy helped so so many dogs and cats across the country that it is countless. She is caring. One day it was reported that the doggies were taken to a very safe and happy family.

She says, that she becomes very emotional and sad when she sees stray dogs and cats. She says that it is her ultimate goal in life to look after animals.

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