The Kind Police Agent Saved and Adopted a Puppy


The story about the police agent adopting a puppy wen viral. Sad, at the same time heartwarming story stole the hearts of many people over the internet.

Agent Jack rescued this black dog two weeks ago. He saw the dog shivering and getting frizzy in the streets of Los Angeles. The heavy rain fell so much on the dog, it could not find a safe place for him.

The police officer immediately took the dog to the police station and ordered the workers to do all the necessary care for the dog. When he was there in the same room with the dog, he thought that he is love with the dog.

He loved the dog so much, he did not even allow the workers to take the dog to the shelter. He ordered to arrange all the necessary things for the dog.

After staying in the police department for two days, the police officer took the dog to his place.

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