This Old Woman Knitted More than 400 Warm Clothes For Shelter Dogs


The world is so much full of kind-hearted people, that we just have to look around and see it in every person. With all the bad news going round the internet, this one good news will brighten your day.

Meet Grace Jones, 90 year-old women, who is in love knitting. She created a plan for knitting warm clothes for shelter dogs. She started to carry out it and as a result the knitted more than 400 warm clothes and blankets for shelter dogs.

Could you imagine such a beautiful effort by an old woman, who decided to make a charity for shelter dogs. It is said, that in order to knit one blanket, one should spend three to four days for knitting it. She does the work while watching TV and during other activities.

She donated the warm clothes to the shelter in wintertime, when the dogs were always outside and freezing. This story reminds us to be kind and giving all the time.

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