The Golden Retriever is the Manager of the Bookstore. Everyone Wants to See Him


Every day we are reading amazing stories of dogs and their super adventures.

Today we have the privilege to introduce to you the Dog the Manager, who is the manager of a bookstore in Los Angeles, California.

This Golden Retriever is super intelligent and smart and the owners of the bookstore decided to appoint him as the manager of the bookstore.

He has super skill set to manage the bookstore. But the most important thing he does the best is the ability to attract visitors into the bookstore and make good deals.

The family of the dog is sure, that it is crucial for the dog to maintain life-work balance. The Dog Manager works from 9-6 and get tired a lot. Therefore he keeps a healthy lifestyle.

He usually spends the weekends outside Los Angeles. On the other hand the dog spends time with family too.

We can say for sure, that the majority of the clients come to the shop because of the dag manager.

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