The Doggie Meets the Grandma and Doesn’t Want to Leave Her


It is believed that animals have strong sense of intuition when it comes to the interaction with humans. They immediately feel if they can make friends with certain people or not.

Our heros dog is not an exception in this regard too. One day he was wondering around the gardens of a residential community. After a while he found himself near the house of a 95 year of grandma.

The grandma opened the door of her house and let the dog in. The doggie was feeling very comfortable and cozy at this very atmosphere of the house.

Then the grandma decided to feed a bit the little doggie. After some time, the dog left the house. Two days after the incident the dog was again noticed near the house.

He kept on coming to granny’s place and did not want to leave. He was feeling the good energy and the love of the grandma and was clingy to her.

This is how the animals stick around to one special person they feel most comfortable with.

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