This Unusually Looking Dog was Adopted by a Family


In our today’s reality, discrimination and labeling have become common behaviour of people in terms of the relation of people.

But could you imagine that some people put discrimination for animals too?

This doggie Lucia was in shelter for more than two years and no one went closer to her to adopt her. The reason for this was that she had black dots on her body and especially on her face.

The was caused because of some liquid fell was poured on her face. In the result of examination and surgeries, the staff of the shelter tried hard to find a forever home for the puppy but all in vein.

After some time, however, a good family came along and took Lucia as a precious gift. As the mother of the family states, the dots of her body are gifts and not scars.

It make the doggie look more beautiful and different from other dogs. They owners loved the dog for her spirit.

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