This Wolf-Dog Traveled the World with His Owner


This wolf-dog is rare kind of breed and happens once in a while everywhere. However, our hero Joki is not like other dogs and the reason is that he traveled the world.

The owner of the dog Robert is a professional adventurous traveler and for him it is really important to take his dog with him, instead of locking in.

He believes that the animals should be in the wild.

As mentioned by Robert, it will be better if more dog owners could take their pets with them to adventures, since they will create good remarkable moments together.

Joki has social media platform and many people follow his adventures.  He is really very famous and lucky to have a owner like Robert.

Robert also says, that he feels kind of safe and protected with Joki. During adventurous trips, there maybe some dangers and in this respect, the Joki could be of great help.

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