This Man Refuses to Leave the Animals Alone in Ukraine


These days, the world is witnessing one of the saddest periods in history of mankind, when Ukraine is being bombed by Russians. The war leaves a big scar on everyone and everything.

In this respect, the animals and especially pets are a matter of huge concern. They can not leave cities and go find a shelter for them on their own.

Even during harsh times, the world is full of kind people, who are ready and willing to rescue their own lives thus trying to save or help other living creatures as well.

Our hero living very close to the war zone made a safe haven for a number of animals, so they can not be a part of the dangerous war result. In talking to the reporters, he said that he would anything, except leaving the animals alone during this dangerous period.

He said that he would even die there, but he would never leave the animals there alone dying lack of food or lack of attention and care.

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