This Golden Dog was Abandoned and was Seen Crying for Food Outside

Like human beings, animals also have feelings and emotions and there comes a moment in their lives, when the pain gets harder, they can not hide it anymore.

A dog, whose name is Ben, is nine years old. He was seen crying outside in Los Angeles, asking for food from strangers. It is said, that his owner decided to give him away.

His eyes completely sad and full of sorrow, when he was seen. It was clear from his eyes that he was starving for food. People say, that his owner decided to give him away, since he was already old enough and not good for being kept for any longer. T

he dog was in the center of attention of many people and was taken to a shelter by a kind man. Seeing, that the dog was not hungry anymore made the kind man satisfied and happy. No dog in this world should be left in the street and be kept hungry.

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