These Dogs were Neglected by Everyone Until a Boy Took Them


One of the purest and most unconditional love on earth is the love of babies and animals, especially doggies. Andrew, who is already twelve years of age, has always dreamed of having a beautiful puppy.

He always told about it to his family, but they kind of rejected that idea of keeping a dog at home.

However, one day the family decided to take the boy to a shelter, so that he could choose a good puppy for him. The dog spent more than two days in the shelter trying to decide which one he wanted.

As the hours went by, he finally made his choice. He took the dogs, which were neglected by everyone, because of the reason that they were already old.

When the boy heard it, his heart broke with pain and sadness and his parents could hardly calm him down. When they got home with the two other family members already, Ben was feeling really happy and satisfied by his choice.

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