The Two Elephants Fall Down after Hard Years In Circus


The place for animals is the wild and there is no other option that we should look for.

As it is known, people sometimes make animals play, perform for people. There are millions of examples, when people exploit animals for their personal benefits.

The heroes of our today’s story is Elephants Gary and Max. They have been kept in «captivity» in circus to perform roles public audience.

These cute creature were being kept in a cage inside a circus and were especially trained for special performance roles.

However, we cannot say that this world is free of kind people too. One day, one of the workers of the circus, seeing the sufferings of the elephants decided to help them.

He decided that he should stop the suffering of the animals. He freed the elephant and took him into the wild. While reaching the wild nature, the elephants were finally left to where they belong.

After the harsh years in «cage» they are now, where they belong to, to their forever home.

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