The Cat Comforts the Dog in Pursuit of His Forever Home


Like humans, animals also need comfort, care and love, when difficult times come and they want to feel that the world is a good place to be.

This cute dog was brought to the shelter, when the family who owned him decided to give him away. They were moving to another apartment, where it was not convenient enough to keep the dog.

When the dog came to the shelter for the first time, he felt alone and confused. He did not know where he came and kind of events were waiting for him there.

He was noticed to walk alone, until one day one of the kittens in the shelter offer her friendship and care for the doggie. The two were noticed in a cute hug and comfort scene.

The eyes of the dog were clearly seen sad and despairing, but the kitten would not let them happen for once ever.

Sometimes, it is our obligation to not lose hope in the most difficult situations and never give up on life. Because love and friendship are the most precious gift to our lives.

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