This Lion Can’t Imagine His Life without Blanket


Have you ever thought that animals like humans have attachments to some sort of things?

Meet the rescued lion Jannie, who was bought by a family. The father of the family gave it as a present to one of his babies, who thought the lion was Lion King.

When the owners brought the little lion, he was covered up in a blanket. Even during the whole time, when he was in home he was alway covered up in a red blanket.

The owners tried to change the blanket for the lion, he kind of refused any kind of blankets around him. It was very interesting for the family members.

Then, one day the father learned from the previous owners, that the lion had this red blanket from his grandfather, that is why he is so attached to it.

The lion even was sleeping in that red blanket. The behaviour of animals is sometimes strange and cute.

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