The Reunite of a Dog and Soldier is So Touching


The dogs are men’s best friend, we have no doubt about it. People are especially connected to the dogs, who have been with them before a long time.

In the case of Jack and Andy the story goes more emotionally, when the dogs reunites with his owner after 10 years. No one can describe the feelings of the two when seeing their reunion.

Even while in the army, Jack kept on thinking of the dog every day. He had thoughts that the dog would have forgotten him and probably went to another owner.

The time came for Jack to come home and his heart could not skip a beat. Near the home, he could listen the barks of the dog rushing to him from miles.

Neighbours and other people were amazed by the touching reunion.

After this incident, Jack is now sure for hundred percent, time and space are nothing when you have a true feeling for someone.

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