This Baby Koala Thinks the Dog is its Mother


The baby koala was noticed in a nearby yard to the house of the Jackson looking for its Mom. The cute baby was lost in the yard.

At the same time, a cute dog was wondering in the yard. He kind of approached the koala trying to figure out, what was going with the baby.

As the doggies have strong sense of intuition and love, this cute doggie offered his back to this baby koala, so it does not feel lonely. How clever the dogs are.

The koala was feeling so good and satisfied with the dog, it did not want to make a move and get out. It even had a sense, that this cute doggie may be its mommy.

The koala was feeling so good and relieved, that it even forgot why it was out and who she was searching in the yard. Dogs have the kindest heart and soul and it is not possible to not love these creatures.

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