The Rescued Kangaroo Shaking Hands With His Rescuer


Two weeks ago, an amazing footage was posted on the internet, when two men were trying to rescue a kangaroo, who got into the frozen lake.

The kangaroo was probably playing nearby, when he lost his way and got into the icy lake, without even knowing.

Fortunately, two men were near the lake and noticed the kangaroo struggling to get out of the water. So they decided to make their way into the icy water and save the kangaroo.

It was an act of bravery for the men to rescue the animal, because the water was very cold and it could damage them toom.

Due to the efforts of the two men, the kangaroo is now alive and is enjoying his best life.

As a gratitude for saving his life, the kangaroo stood firmly on his feet and shook the hands of one of the rescuers. How amazing it was!

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