Police Officer Offers His Umbrellas for the Dogs


On Monday afternoon, heavy rainfall and thunder struck had a terrific effect for the people. But it was especially difficult for the stray dogs, who did not have anywhere to go.

For animals it is also important to have shelter over head, so they could hide from heavy rains and thunderstorm. They wished they had somewhere to hide.

They were on the street and waiting for the rain to stop. Right at the moment, a police approached them and offered his umbrella for the dogs to seek comfort. It was an overwhelming scene.

The dogs were feeling protected and happy by this act of kindness by a policemen. People around the street were watching this act of kindness and helping the animals to feel protected and cared after.

When we witness these kinds of things, our immediately reaction should be, that in any case we should have this generosity within us for everyone around us.

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