Watch Happy Panda Having Cooling Shower


Pandas are usually considered loner animals and it is very rare to see them with another animals. They are either eating something or enjoying their time alone.

One of the cutest fact we know about pandas, is that it kind of has a smile on his face, that is because they enjoy spending time on their own.

This giant panda was noticed in the zoo on a hot day. He was out all day and decided to calm down himself while having fun.

A visitor to the zoo noticed how the cute white bear was calming himself down with a long water tube. He seemed very cheerful and happiest at that moment. He was splashing water on his face, body and feet. How adorable.

Look at his cute face.

Pandas are considered endangered type of animal, that is why it is our duty to look good care of pandas and give them free time to enjoy it on their company.

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