This Cutest Doggie Adores Giving Hugs to People


What can be more beautiful and sincere than a dog giving hugs to strangers, people? It is a kind of pure love and care towards whoever that comes to our way?

Meet Sally, the cutest rescued dog, who now can not imaging his live without spreading love and joy around her in life.When he was rescued, he was very terrified and did not come close to anyone.

After some time, however, they noticed certain changes in his behaviour. He realized, that being frightened does not give any benefit to anyone.

Now he stole everyone’s hearts. The owner of the doggie confesses, that when he is not around, the family members kind of feel lonely and desperate.

They look to have Sally near them all the time. The doggie comes and sit near people as if he is trying to talk to the or try to explain something. How cute it is to have such a cute friend.

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