The Buddhist Monk Decided to Give His Life to saving Stray Dogs


It is known, that one of the kindest people on Planet Earth are considered monka, who live not only in the monasteries, but also among us. Their main mission in life is to serve other living beings.

Our hero Monk Chen decided to give his life to saving stray dogs. There are so many dogs, which are stray and need love and compassion from other human too.

The mission of monk Chen is to service other dogs and give them best he can. As reported by him, humanity should have more love and compassion to other living beings.

As reported by press, it has been already twenty years, since he made that decision of helping stray dogs and fin shelters for them.

Up till date, it is reported he have saved 10000 dogs. How beautiful and peaceful life would have been if all of had this kind of compassion and love inside us.

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