Majestic Moment of a Lion Meeting His Baby for the First Time


The birth is considered one of the most majestic and heavenly gifts for humans. But have you ever thought that a birth of an animal is also a majestic moment.

Animals have strong instincts and feeling too, like humans. In most of the cases, their feelings are stronger and more powerful.

Our story goes about a daddy lion, who, two weeks ago saw his baby child for the first time. The king of the animals might be thought to be cold.

But seeing his baby child for the first time, it looks like his heart melted. A smile was drawn on his face and feeling of love appeared on his heart.

As reported the director of the zoo, the baby lion was also looking at his dad, maybe questioning who the gian lion was. The moment was so cute, everyone in the zoo came to witness the majestic moment.

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