Four Kittens Came to Support the Street Performer


Alex has been a musician since young age. Although he could not reach the success he had always dreamt of, he is ok playing on the street.

You can occasionally see Alex performing with guitar on the streets in Los Angeles. For him music the only thing, that gives him freedom and the love he wants.

Alex usually plays near cafes, restaurants. He has a special place in Antique cafe, where he can earn a bit of money.

On Saturday night, the playing of Alex looked like did not inspire people a lot. Instead, a group of adorable kittens to hear good music.

They were spotted near the cafe. It was amazing to see the reactions of the cats, while Alex was performing. It felt, as if the cats could understand highest form of music.

They were in a bliss. And Alex too got really excited about the kittens listening to his music.

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